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Marketing Trips And Events

Marketing Trips And Events

Travelling outside the home country and visiting target regions is effective branding & marketing exercise and it gives you deep insight into the market too. Though it can be difficult to decide which activities to do, which student fairs to attend and which agencies and associates to visit especially when you have limited time and resources. As per your institute’s profile and target audience we plan your marketing visits to make most out of it.

  • Organise marketing campaigns and visits to agency offices to meet potential students.
  • Visits to schools and colleges.
  • We incorporate Institutional partnership visits and participation at major fairs along with other marketing activities.
  • It’s practically impossible to visit an international market for each and every fair and event happening. As your local representative, our team can represent you at relevant events and fairs giving you year-round presence.
  • We promote via digital & paper media, run promotion campaigns prior to marketing visits.

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